Metallic parts manufacturing process starting from the tube

Metallic parts manufacturing process starting from the tube



Technological innovation in human and material means
to achieve the customers satisfaction and  excellence


Our aim is to give an answer to the market needs as for the parts manufacturing process starting from the tube of different metallic materials.

We always bet on technological innovation in human and material means to achieve the customers´ satisfaction and excellence.



"We are borne out by 20 year working experience"





Our reason for being


In CTT AUTOMOCION we offer our customers a wide experience and the latest technology
in the pieces production using metalic tube or strip.

We give an answer to the needs asked by the different  market sector:

Automotive Industry
Nautic Sailing
Farming Machinery
White line - Appliances
Benches Streetlamps


Our goals


Our aim is to be a referent in the international market to offer a good service to mass production customers
by applying our knowledge and experience in the following technologies:


Laser beam cutting tube



Respect for the Law and Human Rights

CTT is committed to act at all times in accordance with applicable laws and internationally accepted ethical practices, respecting Human Rights.

Respect for individuals

CTT reject any harassment or abuse of authority at a physical, psychological or moral level, as well as any other type of conduct that generates an intimidating or offensive situation with people's rights.

Equal Opportunity and Professional Development

CTT, through its action policies, promotes Equal Opportunities for an adequate personal and professional development of its employees, not accepting any kind of discrimination on the reason of sex, race, religion, political option or disability.

Health and Safety at Work

CTT has a Health and Safety Coordinator with an external Occupational Risk Prevention Service. The company provides its staff with all the knowledge and resources necessary for them to carry out their work safely and in a pleasant environment.

Bribery & Corruption

CTT refuses to influence people outside the Company to obtain benefits through the use of unethical practices or actions. CTT does not permit other persons or entities to use such practices with its personnel.

Company Image and Reputation

One of the basic points that contribute to having an adequate corporate image and reputation is the establishment of relations with stakeholders within the principles established in our Management Policy.

Loyalty to the Company - Conflict of Interest

Within their professional responsibility, employees must act with loyalty, attending to the interests of the Entity for which they work and avoiding situations that may give rise to a conflict between personal interests and those of the Company.

Customer Relationships

All CTT staff shall act with integrity towards the Customer with the aim of achieving the highest level of Quality and Excellence in the supply of the Service.

Relations with Suppliers and Subcontractors

CTT considers its Suppliers and Subcontractors to be an important part of the achievement of its activity and the improvement of the quality of service, assuming the commitment to promote practices in accordance with the Conduct Guidelines included in this Code of Ethics.


All CTT employees are committed to protect and not to disclose information classified as confidential.

Commitment to the Environment

In CTT we have an Environmental Policy in order to control and minimize the environmental impact of our activity.





We are next to our customers during the whole process from the design of the product to the delivery of the mass-produced parts.

  • Design of the part: We take part in the design of the part and we give them ideas and solutions.
  • Design of the process:  We design the most efficient manufacturing process.
  • Design of the tooling: We make a design of the manufacturing tooling and height control.
  • Manufacturing process:
    • PROTOTYPES: Dynamic in the prototype manufacturing process.
    • MASS PRODUCED-PARTS: We mass-produce parts and we adapt ourselves to the customers´ logistic  and productive needs.